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Brazilian Butt Lift

Many women can be dissatisfied with the shape, firmness or flatness of their buttocks. No matter how much dieting and exercise they do, there still remains no significant change in the look of their backside.

If this is an area that concerns you, we can help. Come in for a consultation to discuss if gluteoplasty – also known as buttock augmentation – is right for you.

Brazilian Butt Lifts are the most common gluteoplasty procedures we perform, and have a two–part process. First we use liposuction to remove fat deposits from the body area of your choice. Then, we process and purify what we’ve liposuctioned, and inject it back into your buttocks to form a more attractive look in that area.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in a youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile. Fat is removed from selected areas of your body and then re-injected into the buttocks in much the same way as in a breast augmentation. The process of fat re-injection involves scores or hundreds of injections. The procedure is designed to fill different areas of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted, rounded and perky. The resulting effect is that the woman appears more attractive and sensuous.

An additional benefit of this fat injection method is that you not only get a more shapely buttock, but the area liposuctioned is now much leaner, giving your profile a more sensuous look. Dr. Gagliardi prefers the brazilian butt lift, as the combination of liposuction and fat injections produces the most attractive and natural profile.

The buttock is first contoured by performing liposuction in the areas around the buttocks to make them stand out more. Common areas liposuctioned include the back- directly above the butt, the stomach, and the thighs. Note that even the liposuction alone will give your lower body a more attractive look.

The fat suctioned from these areas is carefully processed and purified such that only a fraction of the donor fat removed will qualify for re-injection to the buttocks. In order to get enough qualified fat, it is often necessary to perform liposuction on more than one area of the body. After liposuction, small amounts of purified fat are injected into different areas of the buttocks and at various depths so that the patient will get the highest absorption rate. Correct injection methods are essential to achieve a uniform, smooth, natural appearance to the buttocks.

If the fat is harvested, processed, and injected correctly, the result should be long lasting. The procedure should not require touch ups or a second round of fat injections. The Brazilian butt lift result is highly dependent upon the experience of the surgeon. Surgeons who are not using correct purification or injection methods will not obtain long lasting results. Be sure that your surgeon is experienced in this procedure!

We also welcome transsexual and transgendered women who desire to have more of a feminine figure.

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