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Tattoo Removal

With one in five Americans decorated in body art, tattoo removal is rising almost as quickly as the tattoo industry itself. There are several reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo. Perhaps a split second decision turned out to be a little more permanent that you truly had intended. Or perhaps the artwork that you once swore by simply doesn’t suit you any longer. Whatever the reason, the experts at Ageless Body Sculpting can provide the tattoo removal treatments that you need to make your tattoo disappear for good.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Better, Faster Results

While traditional laser tattoo removal treatments are a lengthy and expensive process, tattoo removal treatments from Ageless Body Sculpting use only the newest, most advanced laser technology available.

RevLite™, a leader in cosmetic lasers, has now introduced the safest, most efficient & effective technology for laser tattoo removal in the industry. Their gold-standard light-based treatments break up even the darkest ink, delivering powerful tattoo removal sessions in a fraction of the time. Our RevLite™ laser is fully-equipped with multiple wavelengths for achieving uncompromised success in removing tattoos consisting of a multitude of ink colors. Regardless of the size, color or location of your tattoo, no tattoo removal specialists can produce a more remarkable result than the team at Ageless Body Sculpting.

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Less Time, Less Money, Better Results

While traditional tattoo removal can require 10 – 20 treatments, the tattoo removal services at Ageless Body Sculpting can dramatically cut down the number of sessions required. And with tattoo removal from Ageless Body Sculpting, you never have to worry about safety; our state-of-the-art lasers will not damage the skin around the tattoo. So the only reminder you’ll have of the treatment will be the joy you get from seeing the beauty of your natural, unmarked skin.
So how does laser tattoo removal work?

With Ageless Body Sculpting, it’s a stress-free, simple process. First, a member of our professional team will meet with you for a consultation to determine the number of treatments required to remove your particular tattoo. This is determined by a number of factors, including the darkness of the ink, the types and variety of colors, and the size and area of the tattoo.

Upon your tattoo removal session, an expert professional will begin treatment with the RevLite™ laser, guiding the laser over the skin to break down the tattoo ink into smaller particles. The smaller particles are then safely absorbed through the body’s natural processes and eliminated.

When it comes to tattoo removal, no one does it better than the team at Ageless Body Sculpting. And with our flexible financing options, you can get started today on practically any budget. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let the presence of unwanted body art leave you uncomfortable and regretful for another day.

Treatments & Sessions:
– Tattoo lightening typically requires 3-6 treatments.
– Tattoo removal typically requires 6-15 treatments.

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